parkwheel,david gallaugher’s grass lined wheel

David Gallaugher's grass-lined wheel. He and three other Dalhousie architecture students built it to make a social statement- we need more green space. Their...


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glass baubles

These hand-blown glass baubles are made by master craftsmen in the hills of northern italy. each bauble is totally unique in form and shape. strung...


FLOWER BAG-PACK  is an alternative for cellophane wraps used at creation of bouquet. It is highly more esthetic, ecological and functional than traditional solutions....

Jen Stark’s colourful paper sculptures

novità Orticola 2009

Orto da trasp..ortoAiuole in vimini piene di ortaggi per un piccolo orto da coltivare sul balcone di casa.

Paige Russell


flickr Nicolette Camille (Set)