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Fuori Salone _ hell’s kitchen meet string gardens

Hell’s Kitchen, il marchio italiano 100% chic recycle, presenta le sue ricette di eco-design alla Fabbrica del Vapore per Posti di Vista – Green Block (Via Procaccini 4) e vi invita alla lezione di cucina più interattiva del Fuori Salone 2010: KITCHEN ECOLOGY, ricette squisite per trasformare i rifiuti in design!

foto.. ieri alla Fabbrica del Vapore Milano

String gardens suggeriti da questo blog

String Gardens started two years ago as an ijm project.

The hanging plants are a variation of kokedma, a japanese botanical style. Plants are covered with moss and placed in a bowl.
String Gardens objective is to bring plants to eye level.
String Gardens is about having plants finding their balance, they grow, get heavier because the centrepoint of the plant keeps changing, the plants grow in a way that makes them look more powerful and like they are floating in mid air,it looks as if they stand upright in the air.
They are only bound by air and are seemingly standing well balanced in the air.
Water is given in different ways, some plants have glass resevoirs built in. An artificial root made from different kinds of moss transport the water to the ball. Others are woven into horizontal nets wich are coverd with moss, clover and grass. a dripping system keeps the net wet. via

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