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Green House_verde verticale

Magnifico verde verticale sulle facciate dell’edificio costruito in Belgio da Samyn and Partners.
Selezione di piante esotiche di Patrick Blanc.

Gorgeous Green House Wrapped in a Vertical GardenThis gorgeous greenery-wrapped live/work space in Linkebeek, Belgium was completed by Samyn and Partners in 2007 after 8 years of construction. In the original plans, Samyn and Partners designed the building’s walls to be covered in ivy, while a patinated copper material was chosen for the roof. It’s a blessing that this project took so long to complete — during construction, the original concept for a “green” façade grew stronger and the ivy and copper roof were scrapped in favor of a lush living envelope that features a selection of exotic plants chosen by botanist Patrick Blanc.

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