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UCSF Medicinal + Botanical Garden

This renovated facility by Studios Architecture, colors by Jill Pilaroscia, is defined at the pedestrian level by a series of shifting triangular steel panels, which boldly define graduated planes of distinct plant forms. The steel sculptural linkages serve as both as a physical definition of the ground plane and a vertical TEXT plane upon which are written the identifying Latin names of each medicinal plant. The graphics range in scale and color reflecting the broad breath of hue + color of the plant bodies as one strolls around this unique site. The existing breath of the sidewalks have been expanded by the use of gravel as a ground plane…. reduction water consumption and expansion pedestrian use of the site by community members.

The decision to incorporate a botanical/medicinal garden at this specific site was generated by our studio to respect the mission of the University of California Medical School. Unfortunately the development of the landscape within the core campus does not reflect or address this extraordinary aspect of the connection between nature and nature…. We hope that this installation will encourage future designers to reflect upon the potential to engage in the development of gardens, which reflect the mission of such a learning institution….