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In this time of our culture, where experience is increasingly mediated through mere imagery, through the screens of the electronic information age, the environment of our daily experience yearns for groundedness. The place we dwell, the physical environment, the home, is not an abstraction. Here, the sense of time is registered through light and shadow, the changing seasons, and the sense of place is the connection to the land. This is a fundamental reality of being. Time and place are interwined, experienced simultaneously. Materials as things are part of the experience of being. The work of Topher Delaney embraces the material, physical world, in their connection to the land, to the body. The gardens do not have a beginning nor an end, they are situations she has created in the continuum of place/time. The gardens will need to be tended, through the seasons of growth cycles. The subtleties of weathering will render upon the materials. The gardens continue to change through time. Outside, time cannot be captured but be observed. As an artist, creator of these gardens, Topher Delaney releases ownership, to the things, the environment, the narratives, and allows for the gardens to continue weaving onto the text of the land. The work of art becomes part of the everyday, the cycles, the personal narratives, the history of place. The “Promised Land” is implicit in the everyday, not a far away place. It is here; it is now.
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