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The Nicolai project

The Nicolai project, carried out by Kristine Jensen in Kolding (Denmark), was recently presented with the fifth Rosa Barba European Landscape Award.

The project was to transform the former Nicolai educational center (1890-1930) in the city of Kolding into a multidisciplinary cultural space to be used for activities related to cinema, literature, daycare, music, and crafts.

The program involves transforming the school playground into the center of activity and integrating the different disciplines to create a complex that is more attractive and inviting than its predecessor. It consists of various elements that are connected to areas designated for outdoor activities: the entrance; a garden where children can play and relax on the grass; a terrace for patrons of the cinema cafés; a large circular stage used for outdoor cinema in summer and for theater performances and concerts; a shopping area; a small garden next to the music hall; and a multifunctional square. A Cor-Ten steel wall and a Cor-Ten steel stage/platform have been built along the two terraces situated on the west side. The playground’s sloping terrain is prevalent in the project, and a new blacktop has been installed, which delimits the area with thermoplastic patterns and street paint.

Winner of the 5th Rosa Barba European Landscape Award: Nicolai in Kolding, Denmark by Kristine Jensen
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