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What to do in Blevio on Lake Como

Blevio: A Charming Village on Lake Como

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Blevio Lake Como

Best Activities in Blevio

Bars and Restaurants:

Ristorante Bar Centrale: Traditional cuisine and breakfast in the town center, Via Enrico Caronti 42.

Momi: Chic restaurant with stunning views https://ristorantemomi.it/

L’Aria: Upscale dining at the Mandarin Oriental https://www.mandarinoriental.com/it/lake-como/blevio/dine/l-aria

Pizzeria Primavera: Takeaway pizza in Torno, via Piave 3, Torno CO, phone 031417044.

La Pliniana: Gelateria and patisserie, Via Roma 27, Torno CO, phone 031309922.

Blevio Lake Como

Must-See Places


Blevio Mosaic Park: An initiative since 2015 where artists create mosaic artworks in public spaces. Free entry. https://www.parcomosaici.com/


Parrocchia via Caronti

Church of Saints Gordiano and Epimaco: Near the lake, dating back to the late 18th century, features an 1821 Prestinari organ and statues of the saints.

Church Immacolata: Located in the Mezzovico n°4 hamlet.

Cappellina monte (picturesque chapel)

Immersive Experiences


Water Sports:

Wakeboard Lake Como: A school offering wake surf and watersports lessons.

Kayak Basso Lario: Kayaking on Lake Como.

Canottieri Aurora: The Società Canottieri Aurora, a sports association based in Blevio, is affiliated with the FICSF (Italian Federation of Coastal Rowing Societies). Established in 1902 as Circolo Sportivo Voluntas, specializing in running and rowing, the club changed its name to Canottieri Aurora in 1903.

Walks and Trekking:

Trails: Guide to trails around Blevio, from easy walks to challenging treks.

Strada Regia The hamlets of Capovico, Sopravilla, Sorto, Mezzovico, Meggianico, and Cazzanore are traversed by the so-called “Strada Regia,” a Roman-origin trail restored for hiking use between 2002 and 2006 by the Società Archeologica Comense with the help of the Comunità Montana del Triangolo Lariano.

The woods above Mezzovico, at about 750 meters in height, host a series of “erratic boulders” or “trovanti,” gigantic stones that were carried by Alpine glaciers during the Neozoic era. Among the trovanti in Blevio, particular mention goes to the “prea de Nairöla,” a national monument since 1984. It is a monolith of ghiandone granite measuring approximately 4.5 by 7.4 meters, positioned horizontally and overhanging the slope, and originating from the Val Masino.

Sasso del Lupo: The stone contains some prehistoric engravings, such as cup marks, an engraving shaped like a footprint, and a small channel shaped like a gutter.


Events and Local Festivals:

Casta Diva Festival: The Festival Casta Diva, named after the famous aria “Casta Diva” from Vincenzo Bellini’s opera “Norma,” pays homage to the renowned soprano Giuditta Pasta, a native of Blevio. The festival offers an extraordinary experience for music and opera enthusiasts.


Traditional Festivals:

Festival of Saints Gordiano and Epimaco: Celebrated on May 10th, it features a procession, a solemn mass, and fireworks show over the lake.

San Rocco Festival: Held on August 16th in the Capovico hamlet, with traditional dishes like gnocchi with sauce and sausage.

Grape and Cutizza Festival: Held in September, this festival features the cutizza, a traditional local fried dessert.


Ghisellini Pharmacy of Dr. Alberto Ghisellini Via E. Caronti, 58 Telephone: 031 419370 Opening Hours from MONDAY to FRIDAY from 8am to 1pm and from 3pm to 7.30pm SATURDAY from 8.30am to 1pm and from 2.30pm to 7.30pm SUNDAY closed except for extraordinary openings.

Medical Guard / Care Service tel.116117 From 8.00pm to 8.00am every day. From 8.00 to 20.00 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays during the week From 8.00 to 20.00 on pre-holidays during the week

ATM / Bank

Torno Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. – Consultancy Point Via Tridi, 1, 22020 Torno CO tel. 031419683

Torno cooperative credit bank Via Roma, 30, 22020 Torno CO

Electric car charging stations

Piazza Roma 1 Blevio

Girola hamlet, 1 Blevio

Electric bicycle charging stations

Girola hamlet, 1 Blevio

IP service station Via Roma, 28, 22020 Torno CO

Taroni garage, Via Plinio, 1, 22020 Torno CO, tel. 031419175

Municipality of Blevio, Via E. Caronti, 54, 22020 Blevio CO, tel. 031419477

Enrico Caronti Library, Via Caronti, 54, Blevio tel. 031 417 542 Opening hours: Monday: from 9am to 12pm and from 3pm to 6pm / Tuesday: from 3pm to 6pm /Saturday: from 9am to 12pm



Church of the SS. Gordianus and Epimachus, Via IV Novembre, 28, Blevio 031 tel. 419419

Church Immacolata: Located in the Mezzovico n°4 hamlet.

Cappellina monte (picturesque chapel)

Post and Telecommunications Office, via Caronti, 58 Blevio tel. 031/419544

Hairdresser Gigliotti Tatiana Via E. Caronti, 36, 22020 Blevio CO tel. 3519227143

Minimarket La Dispensa Via E. Caronti, 40, 22020 Blevio CO tel. 031419517 08–12.30 / 16.30–19 Monday and Wednesday morning only and closed on Sunday

Single Emergency Number Telephone 112

Italian Red Cross, via Italia Libera, 11 – Como tel. 031 243 289

ACI roadside assistance – Toll-free telephone number 803 116

Carabinieri Pognana Lario – via Giacomo Matteotti, 74 tel. 031/377777

Como Traffic Police, via Vittorio Emanuele II, 97 – Como tel.031 265 555

Local Police Union of Lario and Monti Municipalities, via Caronti 54 – Blevio tel. 031 419 167

Blevio Cemetery Girola area

Blevio Lake Como

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get to Blevio:

Bus Stops from Como to Blevio / C31 Como Bellagio

Bivio Capovico- Frazione Sopravilla – Piazza Roma – Piazzetta monumento Caronti – via Statale 86

Boat Docking for Lake Navigation: Frazione Girola, Blevio

Transport Information:

ASF Autolinee


IT – Trenitalia

Servizio ferroviario in Lombardia Sito ufficiale | Trenord

Recommended Experiences

Explore the surroundings Suggested Itineraries for Day Trips:

Explore the Lake Villas: Dedicate a day to visiting the historic villas of Lake Como, such as Villa Carlotta and Villa del Balbianello, famous for their lush gardens and works of art.


VILLA DEL BALBIANELLO | Bene FAI (fondoambiente.it)



Boat Trips: Take a boat tour to admire the lake’s beauty from its calm waters. It’s the best way to see the villas and villages from the lake. https://www.navigazionelaghi.it/

Private Tours on Lake Como: https://www.comoboatcharter.com/

Village Tour: Tour the picturesque villages around the lake, such as Blevio, Torno, Bellagio, and Tremezzo. Each village has its own unique charm, with cobbled streets and breathtaking views.


Volta Lighthouse Via Giacomo Scalini, 22034 Brunate CO


Como and its Historic Center: Don’t miss a visit to Como where you can explore its lively historic center, the Duomo, and the lakeside promenade.

Dinner by the Lake: Enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the many lake-view restaurants, where you can taste local specialties with an unforgettable view.

Aero Club Como: Seaplane flight


Climate and Best Time to Visit

Climate: Lake Como has a temperate climate. Summers are warm and sunny, ideal for outdoor activities and swimming. Spring and autumn offer cooler temperatures, perfect for hiking and cultural visits.

Best Time: May-June and September-October are the best months to avoid crowds and enjoy mild weather.

Layered Clothing: The weather can change quickly, so dressing in layers is a good idea.

Comfortable Shoes: For cobblestone streets and trekking paths, it’s best to wear comfortable shoes.

Environmental Respect: Lake Como is a natural jewel. Help us keep it clean and follow local waste disposal rules.

For weather updates, visit



Outdoor Activity Tips by Season

Spring/Summer: The perfect season for water sports like sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking. The long, warm days also invite you to hike along the lake’s scenic trails.

Autumn: The landscape is painted with warm colors, the ideal time for walks in the woods. It’s also the perfect season for chestnut gathering.

Winter: Although the lake doesn’t freeze, winter has its own charm with fewer tourists and clear landscapes. Some areas offer winter trekking and, nearby, access to ski resorts.

Practical Tips

Currency: Italy uses the euro (€). It’s useful to have cash for small expenses, but most places accept credit cards.

Electrical Outlets: The plug types used are type F and L, with a voltage of 230V and a frequency of 50Hz. Remember to bring an adapter if you’re coming from outside Europe!

Emergency Numbers: The emergency number is 112. You can use it to contact police, ambulance, or firefighters.

Blevio Lake Como

Blevio: A Charming Village on Lake Como

Blevio stands out as an Italian municipality of extraordinary beauty, located on the eastern shore of Lake Como in Lombardy. With a population of about 1,200 inhabitants, its territory stretches from the lakeshore up to the surrounding mountains, offering breathtaking views.

Blevio, composed of seven hamlets that develop between the lake and the mountains, can be reached from Como in just 15 minutes by car. Its configuration includes the seven hamlets of Capovico, Sopravilla, Sorto, Mezzovico, Meggianico, Cazzanore, and Girola, each enriched by its own identity and fascinating views of the lake. This geographic diversity makes Blevio a unique destination, capable of offering a wide range of experiences to its visitors, such as the lakeside Church of Saints Gordian and Epimachus and its historic organ, as well as various trekking routes, including Monte Piatto and the Pietra Nairola, an erratic boulder at an altitude of 750 meters, surrounded by local legends.

The Historical Evolution of Blevio

The history of Blevio is marked by a rich and varied past, with evidence dating back to Roman times. Over the centuries, the municipality has seen the passage of various dominations, which have left their mark on the local culture and architecture. Already mentioned in the Statutes of Como of 1335, the municipality has held a strategic role since the Middle Ages, being responsible for the maintenance of a section of the Via Regina. Historical events saw Blevio pass under the control of various ecclesiastical and noble entities, reflecting the changing political and territorial dynamics of the time. From the 18th century, the population of Blevio has progressively grown, from 372 inhabitants in 1751 to over 1,800 in 1961.

Architectural and Natural Wonders

Today, Blevio attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to its extraordinary natural beauty, historic villas, and lush gardens. Villa Pasta, Villa Belvedere, Villa Roccabruna, Villa Maria Taglioni, and Villa Troubetzkoy are historic villas on Lake Como that, with their gardens overlooking the lake, represent some of the main attractions, offering naturalistic and architectural spectacles of rare beauty. (They are not accessible, as they are private, and can only be admired from the lake.)

These places not only tell the rich history of Blevio but also bear witness to the profound connection between man and nature in this region.

Blevio is also home to the “Parco Mosaici di Blevio,” a project that enriches public spaces with works of art.

Activities and Local Community

Blevio is the ideal starting point for excursions on the lake and in the mountains, allowing nature lovers to explore enchanting landscapes. The local community, though small, hosts cultural and social events that enrich the life of the village.

For water sports enthusiasts, there is a wakeboard center and a kayak center offering various activities. Finally, every September, the “Festa dell’Uva e della Cutizza” is held, a local celebration with tastings and entertainment.

These events not only contribute to preserving local traditions but also promote a strong sense of belonging among the inhabitants, keeping the local culture alive.

The History and Charm of Lake Como

Lake Como, a jewel set in Italy’s Lombardy region, has been a captivating destination for millennia. Formed about 10,000 years ago by the erosive action of glaciers during the last ice age, the lake has shaped the life and culture of the communities adorning its shores. Its long history is imbued with events that have helped define the identity of this magical place.

A source of inspiration for artists and writers.

Over the centuries, Lake Como has become a muse for artists, writers, and filmmakers. Alessandro Manzoni, with his timeless “The Betrothed,” captured the essence of the lake, transforming it into a living protagonist of Italian literature. This novel, along with other works, has elevated the lake to an emblem of Italian beauty and cultural depth.

A world-renowned cinematic backdrop

Beyond literature, Lake Como has also conquered the big screen, serving as the backdrop for internationally acclaimed films like “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones” and “Casino Royale” from the James Bond saga. These productions showcased its lush shores and crystal-clear waters to the world, increasing its popularity and allure.

Recent television spotlight

Television, too, has found Lake Como to be an ideal place for storytelling, as evidenced by the series “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” The choice of these locations demonstrates the universality of its appeal, capable of attracting and fascinating diverse audiences, reaffirming the lake as a cultural and scenic icon.

A crossroads of history and culture

In conclusion, Lake Como is not only a natural wonder but also a true cultural crossroads, whose beauty has spanned the centuries, influencing art, literature, and cinema. Its history, intertwined with the people who have lived and admired it, makes it a timeless place, a constant source of inspiration and wonder.

The Main Tourist Attractions of Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most famous and appreciated tourist destinations in Italy, thanks to its natural beauty and cultural richness. Among the main tourist attractions of the lake are numerous villas and gardens of great artistic and historical value, such as Villa Carlotta, Villa Erba, Villa Bernasconi, Villa del Balbianello, and Villa Monastero.

Additionally, Comacina Island is a unique attraction due to its scenic beauty and millennial history. The festival on the island on June 22nd is remarkable, the Feast of San Giovanni featuring a pyrotechnic-musical show, the most famous fireworks display on Lake Como, and the symbolic burning of Comacina Island from 1169.

Among the other attractions of the lake, there are also churches, sanctuaries, and oratories of Romanesque and Baroque styles, medieval villages, and archaeological sites. Lastly, the lake offers numerous outdoor activities, such as hiking, walks, water sports, and boat trips.

The Most Beautiful Villages on Lake Como

Lake Como is surrounded by many picturesque and fascinating villages, each with its own history and beauty. According to various sources, the most beautiful villages on the lake include:

Argegno, Bellagio, Blevio, Brienno, Brunate, Cernobbio, Laglio, Lezzeno, Menaggio, Nesso, Ossuccio, Tremezzo, and Varenna.

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