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the maule valley in talca chile is an area renowned for its varied concentration of vineyards. 
macarena avila burdiles created this a ‘place of rest’ there for locals through recycling,  of about fifty barrels that had already ended their life as wine containers and become waste.  the re-use of french oak became the main subject for the development of the design phase.

the barrels are deconstructed and reassembled as the ceiling to an open-air pavilion creating  a space where workers in the vineyards can relax or the owners can enjoy the ambiance in  the shade. the rest of the furniture of the plaza itself was carried out with staves, arming them  with a new configuration of the ground.
his project helped the architects obtain their diploma from the school of architecture, university 

of talca in chile. it involved all phases from design and management to actually building a work  of architecture which contributes to the public.